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Our menus have been developed using the latest cutting edge nutritional science

Sustainably sourced

Our seasonally changing menus have been created with the planet in mind to ensure they include sustainably sourced ingredients and plant forward dishes

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Our panel of experts are fully qualified and recognised as leaders in their respective fields

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Between 50% and 75% of the environmental impact of our catering operation is embodied in the food itself, making the menu our greatest ally and tool for meaningful change.

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10 Core Principles of Ways to be Well

Ways to be Well is an evidence-based health and wellness programme. Our approach focuses on 10 core principals to help people to be ‘nutritionally well’, ‘mentally and physically well’ and ‘responsibly well’ in the belief that wellness in the 21st Century means working and living in ways that are better for our bodies, our minds and our planet.

1. Whole Foods

The foods that are best for us are those that are close to their natural state and have not been modified by industrial processes. Our menus are led by fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, pulses nuts seeds, and moderate amounts of meat and sustainable fish that are all nutritionally analysed.

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2. Variety

Diversity is a critical part of healthy eating. When a wide range of healthy foods is combined in the diet, they add up to more than the sum of their parts, as the “constellation” of good nutrients maximises the uptake of each. So, our menus include lots of different plants, fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and pulses to ensure you get a whole range of nutrients.

3. Good for your gut

Maintaining a diverse gut microbiome can help support a healthy immune system. Our menus help you increase your fibre intake gradually, and invite you to enjoy a range of delicious, pro-biotic fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha.

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4. Reducing refined carbs

The highly refined carbs in processed foods and snacks are the very opposite of whole foods. Our menus feature whole grains and healthy carbs in moderation only.

5. Good fats

The right fats and oils are essential for good nutrition. Good oils well-used also help make other healthy foods delicious. Our menus are well-balanced with omega 3 fats found in oily fish, nuts and seed, plus monounsaturated fats such as olive oil that can help support both the brain and heart health.

6. Protein

Good protein provides what your body needs to grow and repair cells, and more of it can come from pulses, seeds and nuts where it’s bound up with healthy fibre too alongside a small amount sustainably sourced meat, dairy and fish.

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7. Rethinking our drink

Staying hydrated without loading up on sugar means primarily drinking fresh water. Simple teas and coffee (without added sugar or flavourings) also help, improving your concentration. Lower sugar drinks like herbal tisanes, modest portions of fresh juice and kombucha can all play a part.

8. Mindful eating

A more mindful approach to how we eat, when we eat and how we think and feel about the food we eat helps us to make better choices and break unhealthy habits.

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9. Sleep health

Our body uses sleep to process, restore and strengthen. This is important for helping us to learn, remember, concentrate, solve problems and make decisions. For many people with occasional disrupted sleep, a basic grounding in “sleep hygiene” can be transformative

10. Get moving and get outside

Even moderate amounts of physical activity play an important role in supporting a balanced diet and good mental health. It can help manage stress, boost self-esteem, mood and sleep quality.

Meet Luxey

Luxey Dayanandan Head of Wellness & Nutrition

As a Registered Nutritionist, it is very exciting to work on a programme that successfully brings together years of scientific evidence on nutrition, food and lifestyle in an easy to digest format that everyone can understand.

Our Menus

Our carefully crafted menus include breakfast, snacks, lunch and beverages to allow you to enjoy nutritious balanced options throughout your day. All our recipes have been nutritionally designed and analysed to help you make informed choices.


Ways to be Well is an evidence-based health and wellness programme which aims to demystify conflicting advice surrounding nutrition, physical activity, sleep and mental health and mindfulness with scientific fact. Read our latest news and blogs from our panel of experts and wellness partners below:

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